The Right Time for House Renovation

You just got a new house and is about to move in. But before moving in there are some wishes you might want to do like to extend the kitchen, adding one room or two, constructing fence, and so on. Is this the right time to alter the house or to make renovation? That depends. Read on the tips below.

Firstly, you need to have a budget. I have seen unfinished houses and buildings because the owner lacks budget. To avoid such an embarrassment, it is important that you are prepared for the financial aspects of your planned renovation. If you are not familiar with the cost of materials, you can ask an Engineer to do the bills of materials and other calculations in your behalf. Make sure, though, that you add a little allowance to their calculations just in case.

Second. Is the house already fully-paid? That is either your mortgage term is over or you’ve paid the house in full spot cash. If this is the case, then go on, make the changes you want. You might need to submit a plan to the developer’s office for approval before you can make changes to the property. Also, you might pay cash bond to ensure you stick to the approved plan before you get the construction permit. As much as possible, do not make renovation if the house is not yet fully-paid. Be patient and wait until your mortgage term is over.

Either the house is fully-paid or not, you are allowed to make changes to the property, provided, you submit a plan for approval.

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